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COC MOD APK Download “Clash of Clans”

COC MOD APK – Hello, how are you all friends of, I hope you are all healthy and in good condition. Well, in this discussion we will provide a review of Clash of Clans or often called the COC game.

However, this time we will discuss the COC mod Apk application that has been modified with additional premium items. Well, for those of you who want to find this information, read this review to the end.

COC Mod Apk is one of the most recommended applications to fill spare time. Until now, Clash of Clans is still one of the most fun strategy applications to play. In it there are lots of cool features that you can use.

Unlike the original COC, the MOD version has many advantages that will make it easier for you to win every game session. It’s no wonder that now COC MOD fans are only increasing.

If you are a retired COC player, playing the MOD version will get you back on track. How not, you don’t need to collect any gold or elixir to upgrade. Everything is available unlimitedly in this MOD application.

Overview of Clash of Clans MOD APK

COC MOD APK Download

Until now, COC is still one of the most downloaded applications worldwide. How not, this one game application has been downloaded by more than 500 million people around the world. The rating it has on the PlayStore is also quite good with 4.5 stars.

While on the App Store, this application gets a rating of 4.8. This is higher than any game application that has ever existed in the world of technology. Until now, the application developed by SuperCell continues to receive positive responses from strategy game enthusiasts.

When playing it you are required to make a strong base in order to withstand attacks from enemies. The goal is to keep the elixir and gold owned from being stolen by enemy goblins. as well as the attack sis, you must have a strong army in order to attack the enemy base and steal their treasure.

To collect gold and elixir in this one application it takes a long time. The existence of COC Mod Apk allows you to get unlimited elixir and gold. So automatically all the upgrade process can be done very easily.

As the name suggests, this application allows you to access various types of features in the application for free. Currently, the MOD APK v14.93.12 version has been released which presents 13 Town Halls for its users.

Features of Clash of Clans MOD APK Offline

As we explained earlier, there are lots of features that you can get from using this one application. Of course, these features will make each game session even more exciting. Curious what the latest features are embedded in this application? Follow the presentation below.

1. Play Offline

Clash of Clans MOD APK Offline

Basically, COC is an online based game. To play this one application you must have an adequate internet connection. but this will not happen in the MOD version. Using a modified apk, you can still play even if you don’t have a connection.

2. Unlimited Gems

Unlimited Gems

Using the MOD Apk allows you to have unlimited gems. so all the upgrade process can be done in a short time by using the games you have. Generally these gems have to be purchased using real money, but with this MOD Apk, everything is available for free.

3. Unlimited Gold

Unlimited Gold

In addition to unlimited gems, this modified application also provides unlimited Gold features. Everything is available automatically since you install the game on your smartphone. so it doesn’t have to be difficult to steal other people’s gold to upgrade.

4. Unlimited Elixir

Unlimited Elixir

Similar to gold, this modified application allows you to get unlimited elixir. You also get everything for free from the first installation. With this elixir you can upgrade buildings without stopping.

5. Unlimited Dark Elixir

Unlimited Dark Elixir

In addition to purple elixir, in this mod apk there is also dark elixir that can be used to modify Hero King and Queen who keep watch while you are not active. You can also use this dark elixir to upgrade spells that are useful when attacking the opposing village.

6. All Unlock

All Unlock

Using this MOD apk also allows you to unlock all existing defenses, buildings and resources. so there’s no need to bother leveling up first just to increase the quality of your defense and resources.

With some of the premium features in the COC Mod Apk, of course the game will be more exciting. We guarantee that it will be easier for you to win every game session that is passed.

The Difference between the Original Version of the CoC Application and the CoC MOD

The Difference between the Original Version of the CoC Application and the CoC MOD

By referring to the information we have presented above, it can be concluded that the MOD and Original apk have several main differences. Immediately, here are some of the differences.

COC Original

  • The amount of money in the game is strictly limited
  • Must keep playing and win the battle to level up
  • The resources in the game must be purchased with money
  • It’s hard to break through the opponent’s defenses or his enemies


  • The money in the game is unlimited, aka not limited at all
  • levels are unlocked automatically from the first install
  • Resources available for free
  • It’s easy to break through even high-level opponents

Download COC MOD APK

Download CoC MOD

To download this MOD application, of course there are some important points that you must consider first. One of them is the risk of being banned which can appear at any time. But furthermore, it is also important for you to understand the specifications of the MOD apk itself. Here are the detailed specs.

To download the COC Mod Apk application, you can download it at the following link:

 ***Download COC MOD APK v14.211.0 2021***

Apk NameClash Of Clans MOD APK
Official DeveloperSupercell
Minimal OS For InstallationAndroid 4.2.2 or later
Apk Size149 MB
Apk Rating4,5
Total Downloads on PlayStore500,000,000+

How to Install Clash of Clans MOD Apk

How to Install Clash of Clans MOD Apk

To install this MOD application, of course there are several important steps that you must do.  make sure to do it systematically so that there are no errors in the installation process.  Follow the guide to the end below:

  • First of all, download the COC Mod Apk application that we have provided above
  • If it’s downloaded, leave it alone, then enter the settings menu on your smartphone.
  • Go to security then click the permissions option
  • Check the option “install from unknown sources”
  • Just click save afterwards
  • Open the internal storage and go to the download folder
  • Find the downloaded COC MOD file. Tap then select install
  • Wait for the process to finish.

After this, you can immediately play the COC MOD game on your respective smartphone and experience some of the cool features that we explained earlier.

Risks of Using MOD Apps

However, there are some risks that you may experience when using a MOD application like this. It is important to understand the risks from the start so that you can consider them properly. Here are some of these risks:

  • Risk of getting banned from Supercell
  • HP has the potential to be exposed to dangerous viruses
  • Privacy leaked due to using apps from untrusted sources

On the other hand, the use of COC Mod Apk also provides a very big loss for developers. Our advice, use this MOD apk just for fun. If you want to play seriously, you should use the official application that can be downloaded on the Playstore.

The final word

COC Mod Apk is a modified game that provides free gems, elixir and gold, with the updated 2021 version, besides being safe, you can also get these features.

In addition, you can download Coc Mod at the link we have provided above, and make sure the Android specifications must be high. Unlike the iPhone platform, which has no doubt about its specifications.

Maybe that’s all our explanation regarding the latest version of the Coc Mod Apk 2021. Hopefully the reviews above can be useful and see you again another time. Thank you.