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Difference between Parked Domain and Addon Domain

In the internet world, those of you who are often associated with websites must have heard of the term parked domain or addon domain.

If we read at a glance, they both use the word domain, but if we describe the meaning of the two are different.

For ordinary people, they may think they are the same.

Domain is the address used to access a website.

It’s like this domain is a home address, so between one house to another house has a different address.

Then what is the difference between parked domain and addon domain in the title above?

So that Qwords friends do not misinterpret, please refer to the following explanation.

Parked Domain

Difference between Parked Domain and Addon Domain

Parked domain is a domain name that has been registered in the domain register but is not connected to a hosting service.

So this domain is already active and already owned by someone, but has not been used for some reason.

Here are some reasons people parked domains:

1. Name reservation domain

So people have an idea then secure the domain first.

2. Cybersquatting protection

Cybersquatting is a threat that needs to be faced for brand owners

Sometimes there are people who deliberately register the same domain name with your brand, then sell it for a high price or use it for criminal acts.

Well, if it’s like this, your brand will be affected, whether it’s to redeem a domain with a high price or a bad brand reputation.

3. Securing ideas

Sometimes we have an idea to create a brand or company but when we search for the domain name, someone else has bought it.

4. Website is still in progress

You haven’t had time to install the website or the website is still in the manufacturing stage, so buy a domain first.

5. Flipping domain

Securing a unique, good and premium domain name so that it can be resold at a higher price.

6. SEO Techniques

Domains with good metrics can be a technique to increase the ranking of your main website by redirecting domains.

How is it clear about parked domains? The point is the parked domain.

Addon Domain

Difference between Parked Domain and Addon Domain

An addon domain is a new domain that is added to the main domain.

So after adding this new domain there will be a separate folder according to the domain name you added.

This new domain has different folders from the main domain, so you don’t have to worry about getting your important files mixed up.

It should also be noted that each hosting service has a different number of addon domains, depending on the hosting provider’s policies.

This addon domain will later share storage and bandwidth resources from the hosting that you rent.

If you need large resources, then you need to first upgrade the hosting specifications you are using.

But if you don’t need large resources and bandwidth, then you can immediately add a new domain.

The addon domain feature on this hosting service can be a solution to save your finances, because there is no need to buy a new hosting service.

How to Add Addon Domain

Now for those of you who don’t know how to add an addon domain to a hosting service, please follow the tutorial below.

We are an example of using the hosting panel from cPanel, if you use other panels you can customize:

  1. Please login to your cPanel hosting account. There are several ways to login to cPanel hosting as follows:
  2. If you can enter the cPanel dashboard, please scroll down and select the “Domains” menu then select “Addon Domains”
  3. Please enter your domain name and add it, automatically there will be a new folder for your domain.
  4. Finally, you can install your website using a WordPress CMS or something else.

How already know about addon domains and how to add them to the hosting server right?

Difference between Parked Domain and Addon Domain

So, back to the discussion of our article this time about the difference between parked domains and addon domains?

Parked domains are simply a parked domain, bought a new domain but not used for a number of reasons.

While the addon domain is a new domain that is added to the main domain of the hosting service.

When you add a new domain to your hosting account it means you are signed in to addon domains, then if your domain is just let it be parked domain.

So between parked domain and addon domain both are interconnected with each other.

The differences have been described above in detail.

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