How to FIX Err_Connection_Closed Google Chrome

If you get an error err_connection_closed Google Chrome, take it easy! While it may sound complicated, it’s quite easy to resolve these errors.

Generally, errors err_connection_closed in Google Chrome occur when the browser does not successfully perform a data transfer when trying to access a website.

Well in this article, we will discuss in full the causes of this err_connection_closed error in Google Chrome and some ways to solve it.

Let’s get started!

Causes of Err_Connection_Closed

As the name implies, err_connection_closed tells you that the browser connection to the website you want to visit is interrupted due to various things.

The reasons that cause the connection to be interrupted also vary. From down ISP connections, proxy and VPN connection issues, to broken browser cache issues.

Well, these reasons can make the process of data transfer between the website and browser does not run smoothly, causing err_connection_closed to occur.

How to FIX Err_Connection_Closed Google Chrome

With so many factors that can be the reason behind the err_connection_closed error, how to solve this error will also depend on the cause.

Well here are some easy and quick ways to solve err_connection_closed errors that you can try!

Check Internet Connection

Before you try to fix the error err_connection_closed through more sophisticated means, be sure to check your internet connection.

Sometimes, the cause of this error is an unstable connection from your internet service provider (ISP). Maybe the connection is slow or your device is not connected to the internet

To check your internet connection, you can try to access other websites and see if your internet connection will be connected.

Of course, you can also check your internet connection via the WiFi icon on your device. On a Windows computer, for example.

When your Windows device is connected to the Internet, the WiFi icon on your computer’s system tray will show a status of “connected, secured.”

However, if your ISP’s connection is down or experiencing other problems, the WiFi status will change to “connected, no internet.”

If your device is connected to your ISP but you still don’t get a connection, restart your router and reconnect your device a few minutes later.

If err_connection_closed error still occurs after restarting the router, you can try the other alternatives listed below!

Disable Proxy &VPN

Proxy servers and VPNs (virtual private networks) are two tools that allow users to surf the Internet more securely.

Both tools protect the user’s personal data and also allow the user to access the website and content that is included in the ISP blacklist used.

But sometimes these two tools can also affect the data transfer process that occurs when you surf the Internet and cause err_connection_closed.

Well, therefore, disabling proxies and VPNs may also be able to resolve err_connection_closed errors that occur in this data transfer process.

Follow these steps to turn off proxies in Google Chrome:

  1. Open the vertical three-dot menu at the top right of Chrome > Settings.
  2. Select the System menu under Advanced. On the next page, open the Open proxy settings menu.err_connection_closed
  3. You’ll then be taken to the settings page of the device you’re using
  4. Find the Use a proxy server menu and turn off the toggle on &off that menu.

As for turning off the VPN installed as a Chrome extension, all you have to do is open the puzzle icon on the right side of your browser > Remove from Chrome.

Flush DNS Cache

DNS (domain name system) on your device is a system that converts the domain address of the website into an IP address.

This IP address will be used by the computer to read and find the website in the domain address.

When you open a website, DNS and also the browser you will store a cache that allows the device to load faster next time.

Well sometimes, the cache stored on the DNS system is what causes errors err_connection_closed to occur.

But take it easy Qwords friends! Flushing DNA isn’t complicated. We’ve even covered how to flush DNS easily in the following article!

Update Google Chrome

Errors err_connection_closed may also occur if you don’t use the latest version of Google Chrome to surf the Internet.

Outdated versions of Chrome can cause problems with the data transfer process of websites and browsers when used.


Sometimes the old version of Chrome can also cause you to disconnect from the internet connection friend Qwords! Not to mention, older versions are also more susceptible to malware and viruses.

To do so, always make sure that the version of Chrome you’re using is the most recent version. You can do this via the following URL: chrome://settings/help

Reset Chrome Settings

What if the version of chrome you are using is up to date but this err_connection_closed still appears?

You can try to reset your Chrome default settings through your browser’s menu feature > Settings.

Press the Advanced menu and look for the Reset and clean-up menu. On the next page, press the Option Restore settings to their original default > Reset settings.


Keep in mind that this will return all your Chrome browser configurations to their original state. So don’t forget to save the important configuration before doing so yes.


Now that’s how to solve err_connection_closed error! How? Pretty easy isn’t it? Here’s a quick recap:

  1. Check connection &restart router
  2. Disable Proxy server &VPN
  3. Flush your device’s DNS Cache.
  4. Update Google Chrome
  5. Reset Chrome settings.

Thank you hopefully this article helps.

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