Google Sandboxing

Get to know Google Sandboxing for SEO

Google Sandboxing can be interpreted as a trial period that Google applies to new webs and webs that are recovering from penalties.

Maybe you also need to learn how to improve the right Authority Domain to avoid Google penalty.

Although Google is not the only search engine, it is undeniable that Google is currently the largest and most widely used search engine.

We could be competing with other websites in terms of rankings or traffic, but against Google, it’s highly discouraged and not worth a try.

One of these things is Google Sandboxing, what is Google Sandboxing, how much influence does it have on SEO?

Google Sandboxing

Sandboxing is still a debate in the SEO world. Some say that sandboxing really exists, some argue that this is mere imagination. Whatever speculation is going on, but we think it’s important for you to know this in order to stay alert.

Sandboxing can be interpreted as a trial period that Google applies to new webs and webs that are recovering from penalties. Sandboxing came into force in March 2004, so the web created afterwards will usually go into probation before it can start its work on search engines.

Sandboxing Signs

How do you know that your web is in a sandboxing period? Here are the signs:

  • If you don’t get satisfactory traffic from your website’s main keywords even if your PageRank is good, your content is quality, or despite having a large number of backlinks. For example, the main topic and keywords you optimize are about SEO. But when someone searches with those keywords, your website doesn’t show anywhere.
  • You still get traffic from organic search, but not from the main keywords. For example, in addition to the occasional SEO, you also talk about how to make handicrafts from secondhand goods. How far away is it from SEO to handicrafts? Yes, this is for example. Well, the traffic you get is precisely from the content of the handicraft.
  • Your website is a good site that never violates the rules, always use rel=”no-follow” for sponsored posts, has a user & mobile-friendly look, does white hat SEO, diligently one-share to social media, but … The traffic is very low.

Causes of Google Sandbox

Here’s why you’re getting Sandboxing from Google:

  • Your website is new but you’re in the keyword with a high level of competition. Google takes time to trust your website before displaying it in search results.
  • Recovering from a penalty. You have erred by practising black SEO techniques and then get penalized. Then your website will remain in the sandboxing period of a.k.a supervised until the search engine trusts your site again.
  • Using a domain that has been used and it turns out that the domain has been penalized. For example, let’s say you purchased a domain with a name. The domain is available, but as it turns out, the same domain name has existed in the past and is used to spread malware so that Google bans it. Yes, it does sound unfair because you never know what happened to your previous domain name, do you?
  • Your website has long been (months or years) inactive so search engines think that maybe you’ve given up on creating quality content.

How to Exit Google Sandbox

The solution we’re going to provide may sound clichéd, but it’s still worth doing if you’re serious about managing your website. This also applies to those of you who have already purchased a problematic domain name.

  • High-quality content: Keep creating informative and useful content according to your website niche.
  • So good boy: Comply with all the rules said by Google and other search engines. If you’re doing mal-SEO practices because you don’t know, read the various references and start making improvements.
  • Time to clean up: If you’ve been more educated about mall-SEO practices, it’s time to clean up.
  • Avoid Blackhat SEO: Never thought, doing black SEO techniques is outdated. Stop keyword stuffing, unnatural links, cloaking, etc.
  • Domain selection: Before deciding to buy a domain, first look for the appropriate and “clean” domain name.

We have also created a list of free backlink sites that you can use to increase visitors and the Domain Authority of your website.

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