Hacker Applications Commonly Used To Hack the Web

Hacker Applications Commonly Used To Hack the Web

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A list of commonly used apps to hack websites most commonly used by hackers for pentester tests. Along with the development of technology, hackers or hackers are also increasingly sophisticated in conducting operations. Nowadays there are even many hacker applications that can support daily activities. Call it like VPN app, Termux, Hackode, Onion browser, and many more.

Amid pandemic conditions like today, of course, it is very important to anticipate hackers who have the potential to harm businesses or agencies. Because, almost all efforts are currently done online, either when meeting using video conference or buying and selling through e-commerce websites.

Hacking itself is an activity that refers to attempts to infiltrate digital devices. From computers, smartphones, tablets, even to private networks. Well, in order not to become a victim, it would be nice if we know and study the list of hacker applications that are commonly used complete with how to anticipate it.

Various Hackers to Know


Hacktivist is a type of hacker who utilizes his ability to support social movements. So, hacker actions are not solely based on money, power, or seeking popularity.

Just like the role of social activists in the real world, hacktivists usually also voice issues of social, religious, or political issues for the benefit of many people.

Have you seen the movie V for Vendetta (2005)? In the film, the main character is a hacktivist who fights for politics for the social good. To create his idea, he took refuge in a Guy Fawkes mask which to this day became an icon of the notorious Anonymous hacker horde.

2.Ethical Hacker

Ethical hackers can sometimes also be referred to as system administrators. Because his hacker activity more conducts network tests or look for identified system weaknesses, then they will make improvements.


A cracker is a type of hacker that enters the system through illegal or unauthorized means for personal or group purposes. Usually, the purpose of cracker or hacker black hat is to steal personal data, company data and agencies.

Examples of cases that can be taken from this blackhat activity are phishing, bank account scams, to money laundry activities from carding items.

4.Script Kiddies

In the level of hacking skills, script kiddies are hackers with the lowest level because usually they can not write or create their computer language code. Instead of creating their methods, a script kiddie usually based on the work of others to facilitate their mission.

Hacker Applications Commonly Used To Hack the Web

1. Netsparker

Have Qwords friends ever heard of Netsparker? If not, Netsparker is a web application security scanner service, which can help web developers in finding bugs or security gaps on a website.

However, unfortunately, Netsparker is widely abused by nosy and irresponsible hackers. They usually look for websites with SQL Injection, XSS, and other loopholes for personal use.

This tool becomes very powerful because it can test the errors found. Also, they offer a free version package that can be used to analyze several websites.

To keep your website from becoming a victim, be sure to implement security protocols such as installing SSL Certificates, regular plugin updates, and not using nulled templates.

2. Acunetix

The rapid growth of the internet makes business people have to quickly plunge into the digital realm. Because of the lack of knowledge and thoroughness, it is not uncommon for online businesses that are prepared to be failed and full of security gaps.

Acunetix application can be a tool to identify security gaps of javascript code, HTML5, etc., making it easier for you to patch data leak loopholes.

3. Hackode

This application is usually used to check by IT administrators, cybersecurity professionals, or ethical hackers to find out the weaknesses of security systems on the OS made by Google.

Hackode also has relatively complete features for beginners and professionals to use. You can get features like SQL injection, MySQL, Whois, DNS Lookup, Security RSS Feed, and many more.

4. Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is an Android-based hacker app commonly used to make paid apps free. Also, this application is commonly used to create new application files for phishing purposes, and can also eliminate ads in the content.

To use this app, your Android smartphone must be rooted for all system access to be open.

5. WebInspect

WebInspect is one of the best hacker apps that hackers are used to. So, what does WebInspect do? In general, WebInspect itself serves to provide a very comprehensive dynamic analysis of complex website services. This app is quite popular because it allows hackers to perform hacking techniques ethically.

6. Termux

Termux is an application commonly used to access terminals just like on Linux-based devices. The main function of Termux or Terminal emulator is to insert, display and print data directly from your Android device.

By using Termux, hackers or aam users can run programming languages such as Python, Perl, Ruby without going through the rooting process, running terminal-based text editors, and reaching SSH Client functions.

Those are some of the applications commonly used to hack websites that are most often used by hackers today with all the sophistication of hacking applications to hack a website.

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