How to change font on Instagram Bio

How to change font on Instagram Bio and Caption on iPhone and Android

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An easy way to change bio fonts, stories and Instagram captions without the app is to use the Instagram fonts generator. Instagram Fonts Generator is an online text tool that lets you format normal fonts into more interesting special fonts such as italic, bold, Latin fonts, text symbols and special characters.

Why Use Instagram Font Generator Online?

By using IG fonts generator online you can change the font or style of caption letters as well as IG bio and Instagram name for free without installing the app, you just copy-paste font online.

Your Instagram profile will be cooler and profile visitors may also be interested in following your Instagram Account.

That way, your Instagram account followers will continue to grow. Of course, you also need to compensate by posting something nice and interesting to multiply your Instagram followers.

Well, because on Instagram only available font type that that’s it, if you want to use a different font on the caption, description or Bio Instagram, we recommend you to try the following Instagram font generator.

Instagram Fonts Generator Online

Font or text generator that is on this blog, allows you to change the normal font to italic font, Latin, bold, sans serif font, aesthetic font, round, symbol and other font styles for your Instagram purposes.

Have you ever seen friends or others on Instagram using unique fonts for their names or bio? If the answer is yes, most people will be curious about how to change the font bio, caption & name on Instagram.

Isn’t it? ūüėÄ

Among the cool fonts bio Instagram there are printed bold, italics, and so on. This time, we will share how to change the font name, caption, and Instagram bio very simple.

Getting curious?

How to change fonts on Instagram (Instagram bio, name, and story)

There are two ways to change the font on Instagram (name, caption, and story) the easiest you can do. Yep, you can make italics, bold, underline, or something else there. 2 That way is through the website (without application) and using the application that can be downloaded for free.

1 Copy and paste fonts on Instagram bio without App

To change and use cool fonts on your Instagram, you can access is one of the Instagram font generator websites.

There you can choose and use a variety of unique fonts for you to enter on your Instagram account. Don’t worry, there is no charge to be able to use this service. Everything is free.

Steps to change fonts in Instagram bio, name, and story without application

  1. Open mobile browser
  2. Access
  3. Write down the text you want to make your name, bio, or Instagram story.
  4. Choose the unique font type you like
  5. Copy.
  6. Open your Instagram account. Can be through a browser or application.

Paste the text on your Instagram account. Whether it’s in the name, bio, or story.
It’s simple, isn’t it? Without having to install anything, you can change the Instagram bio font very easily. Not only bio, name and story you can also insert the unique font.

It’s easy isn’t it how to change Instagram font without an app?

How to change Instagram font in Bio, Name, and Caption with application

In addition to the website without an app, you can also change the unique font on Instagram (italics, bold, etc.) by utilizing the application.

This app makes italics, patches, and beautiful writing on Instagram called Stylish Fonts. This applies to change the font Instagram name, bio or caption can be downloaded for free on the play store.

Why do we recommend Stylish Fonts? This application is small in size and has a large database of fonts. We got confused about choosing it.

How do I use it?

Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Download and install Instagram Stylish Fonts font app.
  2. Open the app to change the Instagram font.
  3. Choose a stylish text maker.
  4. Type the text you want to insert into Instagram. (You can still scroll down. There are so many types of fonts you can use.)
  5. Select the font style you like, click the Copy logo. The logo copy is on the right side of the WhatsApp logo.
  6. Open your Instagram account.
  7. Paste the text into the part you want. Can be a name, bio, or update-an a story.
  8. In this example, we use it as a name and Instagram bio.
  9. Finished.

It turns out that how to change the font in Instagram bio, name, and story is very easy right. In just under five minutes, you can already have a name, bio, or story on Instagram with a very unique font.

11 Must-try fonts Instagram Generator Provider Sites

Instagram only provides monotonous font types, if you want to try more interesting and different fonts for captions, Instagram bio or descriptions, users can try font generators from various sites below:


It would be very interesting if you can change the font on Instagram with a variety of fonts that are more unique and interesting. Instagram font generator that can be tried to change the font for bio, caption or story is an generator. Users only need to access the site through a browser or website.

How to change Instagram font by is to visit the site. Then just type the desired sentence in the field provided. To select a font type press the load more font button or design your own font. If you have found the font as desired, please copy the sentence to the desired font.

If you have, run the Instagram app. Font generator will change the font look to be more cool and attractive. To change the bio, the steps are also not much different. After copying the text on the font generator site, just insert it into the profile, click edit and paste it in the biofield and save it.

It’s different when it’s going to create a story. The user must go to the story menu and press and hold on the type something. Wait for the temple or paste option to appear. If you don’t feel like matching or want to find another Instagram font, you can use a service from another font generator site.


In, users will find about 90 types of fonts that can be used to create Instagram stories or captions. The way it is used is not much different from other font generator sites.

Type the sentence or words you want. Then copy-paste the online font to the IG application. How to change the description font is the same as the previous way. Similarly, when you want to change the font story just temple the result of changing the font and see the result will be more cool and interesting.

3. is a font generator site that you can use to change Instagram fonts. A large selection of fonts to choose from, ranging from graffiti types to aesthetic symbols. All available fonts can be used for bio or captions. Just type, copy and paste on Instagram app.

4. is a recommended font generator site to try. Can be applied to name or bio. On this site, there is a large selection of interesting fonts and using them is quite easy.

Visit the site and type a sentence in the field provided. Scroll down to find different types of fonts. Select one and press the copy button to copy it. Next just paste or paste on Instagram app, be it a caption, bio or instantly.


This Instagram font generator site provides many types of fonts used for IG or bio profiles. It can even use bold, italic text or new font types. Please visit and type a sentence in the field provided. There are several font options, characters and emoticons, fonts with decors and bold &new fonts. Just adjust according to your wishes.

6. have more font collections than others. Users are freer to choose the font as desired. All you have to do is visit the site and type the sentence or words you want in the fields provided.

Whether for captions, bio or description users are free to type the necessary words. Then select one of the fonts and paste it on the Instagram app. For a while, there will be a change in the font to a more interesting caption or bio. Followers will also be more comfortable looking at Instagram.

7. a must-try. The method is not much different and there is no need to download the Instagram font. All you have to do is access site through your browser. Type the sentence or word you want. Once you’ve got the appropriate font selection, then copy it.

Then paste it in the Instagram app in the story, bio, caption, video or photo section to be uploaded. By changing the font, Instagram will look more colourful and attractive. The same look will make many people feel at home until they become followers.


The advantage of font generator is its unique visualization compared to other Instagram generators. This uniqueness finally makes you feel at home looking at the new Instagram visuals.


In, users can choose from a variety of unique and funny emojis to include in the caption, bio or instantly. The choice of emoji is varied and has supported all mobile devices today. From Android to iPhone.

10. Fonts & Keyboards

Loyal users of the iPhone must be familiar with this Fonts & Keyboard app. This app is very useful for smartphone users in creating keyboard GIFs, captions and hashtags that are usually mandatory on Instagram. The result will be more interesting than the usual Instagram view.


Want to see text crossed out on Instagram? Strikethrough or strikethrough text can be found on the site that provides this font. You can combine the generator font with this crossed-out text. Result? It certainly looks unique.

Thus reviews the list of some sites that provide Instagram font generator best to know. That way users can play the Instagram look more interesting. Hopefully useful!

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