How to clear cache in Google Chrome

Have you ever accessed a page on the internet but encountered a loading animation that rotates constantly? If you experience this condition, it is guaranteed to feel irritated, because the appearance of the website page does not appear. Solve it can be in several ways, if using Chrome browser then can try to find the cache menu to delete it. so, how to clear cache in Google Chrome?.

Clearing this cache is an instant way to prevent too long loading. However, do you know what cache is and how to clear cache in Google Chrome? Check out the following description for details.

What is Cache?

As a first step to knowing how to clear the cache of your computer or laptop using the Chrome browser. It would be nice to know first the understanding of the cache itself. This “Keith” read cache is a temporary space or storage space, used to store online files that have previously been accessed.

The process for storing data in such a temporary space is called caching. The type of cache itself turns out to be diverse, not only found in browsers that are often used online. However, it can also be found in applications installed on smartphone devices.

A cache is useful for improving efficiency and effectiveness when using the browser, so there is no need to deal with long loading. Because the data obtained when accessing a website will be temporarily stored.

One day or one day when you access the same website, Chrome doesn’t have to retrieve data from scratch anymore but instead retrieves it from that temporary storage space.

The objectives of practising how to clear Chrome’s cache are many, including:

  • Helps speed uploading when accessing a website page, so that it can access the information needed without the need to wait a long time.
  • Help access data on a website up to date because the website in question may have been updated
  • Minimize the risk of data theft, because the data in the cache can be important and confidential. For example, data about username and password email, Facebook, and so forth. Although at the time of clearing the cache you have to enter the username again, your data is guaranteed to be safe.
  • Reduces the risk of device performance slowing down due to overloaded temporary storage space. Because even though this cache is kilobit or kb in size, it will gradually get bigger. So that if not removed will accumulate and overload the performance of the device you use for browsing.

The many purposes or benefits of clearing the cache process make you need to schedule it periodically. However, first, understand how to clear the cache of laptops or PCs used so that the above purposes can be fulfilled.

How to clear cache in Google Chrome

If cached data can improve efficiency when accessing the same website, why should it be deleted periodically? This question may be frequently asked by internet users. Cache wipe aims to delete data in outdated temporary storage space.

Because over time you will access more websites that automatically cache more and more data. Gradually it will become obsolete, but not necessarily the data is needed because you do not always access the same website until several times.

If this cache space is very much then the loading of the website will be longer, this is where you need knowledge on how to clear the Chrome cache. So that the performance of the browser used again is fast and normal. The procedures are:

  1. First, open the Chrome browser or app on the PC or laptop you’re using.
  2. Find and click the three dots tiered icon at the top right of your browser view.
  3. Next select “More Tools”.
  4. Select the “Clear Data Browsing” menu.
  5. You can then select a time-prone clear cache that displays a number of options. From data deletion from the beginning or all until it can be selected within one week, one month, and so on.
  6. After determining the vulnerable time, you then need to specify the type of cached data you want to delete. Check the type of data you want to delete.
  7. Click the “Clear Browsing Data” button.

The deletion process will begin and take a few seconds, usually depending on how much cache data you have. Once you are done then you can try to reopen the intended website, and most likely the loading speed is better.

Through the explanation above, it is known that how to clear Chrome cache is not difficult and can be done alone. All you need to do is know which features to use to clear your cache in your Chrome browser. The process is not long, so it can be done at any time.

The more routinely clear the cache, the better the impact will be for the device and Chrome applications used online. So, please understand well how to clear cache in Google Chrome that is conveyed above for later applied routines. If done then the convenience and security of internet access will be obtained.

Apart from that, to maintain the security and speed of internet access you can also take advantage of VPN (Virtual Private Network) service that is able to encrypt while saving user data bandwidth.

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