How to download a Gif from Twitter

How to download a Gif from Twitter

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In addition to being a real-time tweet container, Twitter also has video content and motion pictures in GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) format. You can download the video using the help of third-party apps.

Actually, Twitter only provides embed options that include videos. Users can’t download the video right away.

If you want to download it, users can try using a third-party app. One of them uses a portal that can be accessed through a desktop PC or mobile device. How to download a gif from Twitter easily:

How to download a Gif from Twitter on desktop computer

1. Find the video

Specify the tweet containing the video you want to download from Twitter. Once you’ve specified it, open the tweet and play the video.

Next, copy the tweet URL and open the in your browser. Paste the copy of the URL into the field on the portal.How to download a Gif from Twitter

2. Download process

After entering a copy of the video tweet URL, press the “Download” button. Then the portal will immediately process the video you want.

Once the processing is complete, a selectable video will appear. It could be just one or more of the two videos.

Actually, the content is the same. It only differs in terms of format, file size, as well as sound quality or availability.

3. Save the video

Once the processing is complete, right-click on the result of the video you want to save/download, then select “Save as” from the menu, rename the file as desired and press enter.

When using a handheld device, touch the processing result until the “Save” option appears.

The video from Twitter will be instantly downloaded and saved to the memory of your computer or handheld device.

How to download a Gif from Twitter an Android phone

How to download a Gif from Twitter

1. Download Video Gif downloader app

For Android phone users, you can download Twitter videos using the Video Gif Downloader app which can be downloaded in the Google Play Store through the following link.

Videos on Twitter itself have a different format than videos on YouTube or Facebook that generally use mp4 format.

Videos on Twitter are more like sequential photos woven sequentially, or like GIF formats. Therefore, the app can also be used to download GIF files on Twitter.

2. Copy and paste the URL/link

Twitter Video can be downloaded using two ways, namely copying and pasting the Twitter link in the download link field (Paste the link of tweet here…), then press the Download button that has the logo of the down arrow next to it.

The Twitter link/URL itself can be obtained through the three dots menu at the top right of the tweet.How to download a Gif from Twitter

3. With the “Share” button

The second way is to use the “Share” button located at the bottom right of the tweet on Twitter.

After pressing the “Share” button, select the Video Gif Downloader for Twitter app icon to download it.How to download a Gif from Twitter

Users will be taken to the Video Gif Downloader app interface which automatically runs the video download process.

The video results will then be displayed on the next page after the download process is complete.

For GIF files, users must play/run the file before downloading.

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