How to Hack Facebook If Forgot Password Easily

How to hack Facebook if you forget your password can be done easily including without using the application. Here’s how!

Friend 99, are you in trouble forgetting your Facebook (FB) password?

Forgetting FB password is very annoying.

Especially if you also do not store the password in a note.

Don’t worry, one of the efforts to overcome this is by hacking FB.

Hack FB account can be done easily without using the app.

However, this FB hack method should not be misused, yes!

Let’s see the full way below!

How to Hack Facebook If Forgot Password Easily

1. How to Hack FB with Forgotten Password Method

How to hack FB account that forgot a password can be solved by the forgetting password method.

This way of hacking FB account is usually done by hackers, but it takes precision.

In addition, you must also have access to your registered email or phone number.

How to hack FB with forgotten password method:

  • Go to Facebook
  • Select the Option “Forgotten Account?” or “Forgot Password?”
  • Select “Type your email or phone number to search for your account”
  • After entering your email or phone number, type Search
  • Facebook will send a recovery code to your email account
  • Type Continue
  • It will appear to write “Check your email for messages containing your code. The code is 6 digits long”
  • Enter the recovery code
  • Type Continue
  • Create a new password or Skip
  • finish

This is the easiest way to do this because you already have access to your email and phone number.

So, don’t worry anymore if you forget your password.

2. How to Hack FB with Fake Login

How to hack FB with phishing technique method can also be an alternative.

By this Way of Facebook hack, you will first be lured using a fake login page.

That is, the page will be exactly the same as FB but actually have a different URL.

Well, just like the login steps in general, enter the email address and password which will then be stored in the hacker’s text file.

This saved text file will then be saved because the email and password are already available.

This can be used for those of you who already have an email address and password, but forget the FB password.

3. How to Hack Facebook with Keylogger

How to hack FB with Keylogger is also pretty much done by hackers, lo.

All you have to do is install keylogger software on your PC or laptop.

The program will record everything you type into a log.

Later, these logs will be able to be sent either through the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) network or your email address.

4. iSpyoo App and Appmia Facebook Hacker App

Another way to hack Facebook is with the iSpyoo app.

This method can be used to monitor several social media platforms including Facebook.

You can use the app without the need for a password.

In addition, iSpyoo also offers help, it can help you monitor Viber and Telegram.

Appmia app can also be tried because this application hacks Facebook accounts and other people’s messages without password.

5. Spy

Another way is with the Spy app.

The advantage of this app is that you also don’t need to jailbreak or root your device.

So, this doesn’t really bother you.

Spy is one of those apps that has an easy-to-use look.

6. Cocospy

How to hack Facebook account that forgot another password is with Cocospy.

This jailbreak-free app can hack FB or passwords, also without having to root.

Lots of advanced and unique features inside Cocospy.

It’s also one of the most secure, simple, and easiest apps to use.

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