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How to Hack WhatsApp Without an Application

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How to Hack WhatsApp Without an Application– There are lots of WhatsApp hacking applications that we can use to spy on our partners.

How to tap WhatsApp is not difficult to do, you can easily tap WhatsApp friends, friends, even WhatsApp without an application.

As was crowded before, the application to tap WhatsApp CloneApp.

CloneApp has become one of the top trending as a way to tap WhatsApp.

However, there are actually many other ways to hack WhatsApp.

And don’t let it be misused or be cut off by your partner because you are caught tapping your partner’s WhatsApp.

Here are a number of applications and how to hack WhatsApp.

1. Mobile Client for WhatsApp

This Mobile Client for WhatsApp application is the easiest way to tap WhatsApp.

You just have to download this application on the Playstore after you open it, you will see a barcode like when you open WhatsApp Web.

All you have to do is scan the barcode, on the victim’s cellphone, so you’ve managed to tap it.

2. WhatsApp Web Plus

Similar to the application above, this application is actually an official service from WhatsApp.

However, this service can be used to log in via smartphone and computer simultaneously.

After being modified, this application has now changed to Whats Web Plus, and is now used for wiretapping.

Because it’s an official service app, it’s popular and can be used to hack WhatsApp without being caught.

3. CloneApp

As has been discussed by several techno sites and gadgets, this application is quite popular when it comes to tapping WhatsApp.

Moreover, the tapping system is also almost the same as WhatsApp web which uses a barcode that is used to log in on the second smartphone.

This application is currently probably the most popular and now the application has been downloaded as many as 1 million downloads.

4. Water Droid

This application is not actually a hacking application, but functionally, it can be done with this application.

Because, this application has a function to control Android smartphones remotely.

What’s more you also use the Hider application which functions to hide applications, it is not impossible that this application is perfect for tapping WhatsApp.

However, the method is quite complicated, you need to download this application on the victim’s phone and set it up, then hide it with a hider application.

After that you can monitor it via your PC or Smartphone device.

The advantage of this application is that you can safely tap your girlfriend’s WhatsApp without being caught at all.

You may have seen many ways to hack your partner’s whatsapp.

Usually these methods suggest you to use certain applications.

Hack WhatsApp without Application

In the following way you can tap WhatsApp without an application.

Simply use the default Android browser that is already installed on your cellphone such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you can easily tap your girlfriend’s Whatsapp.

Well, here we will tell you how, let’s see!

First, make sure you have the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser application on your cellphone.

If not then you have to download one of these browsers first.

Second, open the browser and go to the link

Third, if you are logged in you must change your web settings to a web desktop.

All you have to do is enter the settings menu which is located on the top right with the 3 dots logo.

How to Hack WhatsApp

Then you look for the Desktop Site option and check the option.

Then your website will automatically refresh into a desktop version of the website.

Now if that’s the case, a barcode will appear that you can scan with another cellphone.

Fourth, you can take your partner’s cellphone after that go to the settings menu and select Whatsapp Web.

You will be asked to scan the barcode on the Whatsapp Web earlier.

You just need to scan the barcode in your mobile browser.

How to Hack WhatsApp

Fifth, after you finish scanning, you will be connected directly to your partner’s Whatsapp.

You can monitor your partner’s Whatsapp, as long as he doesn’t cut off your access.

How to Hack WhatsApp

So don’t get caught, so that your access is not cut off and you can monitor the contents of your partner’s WhatsApp continuously.

How easy is it to tap this Whatsapp?

Remember, you have to use this method wisely and correctly.

Good luck!

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