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7 Easy Ways to Do SEO Optimization on Instagram

Did you know that SEO optimization can also be done on social media platforms like Instagram?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most necessary thing to make our website so that it can be ranked at the top of Google pages.

Although SEO optimization is generally used more often for websites, apparently it can also be applied to Instagram.

According to Ampjar, several advantages of using SEO optimization on Instagram will help increase Instagram account visitors.

In addition, another advantage of doing this one thing is that it makes it easier for our business to increase brand awareness.

How to SEO Optimization on Instagram

Here are some ways that can be done for SEO optimization on Instagram.

1. Optimize Instagram profile

Reporting from HubSpot, Instagram profiles are very important so they must be optimized properly. Some things to consider when optimizing your Instagram profile include:

  1. Instagram profiles must be publicly accessible.
  2. Choose a profile photo that is attractive, colorful, and stays true to your brand identity.
  3. Create a user name or display name that is easily recognizable and searchable.
  4. Create an Instagram business account.
  5. Include the relevant link in the bio.

Although it looks trivial, but the things above are very important to do. So, you shouldn’t ignore it, okay?

2. Include the main keywords in the display name and username

If you want your business to quickly grow and be known, then the selection of a display name and username is very decisive. This one thing is also part of Instagram SEO optimization that you need to know.

We recommend that you include keywords in your display name or business username. So, when there are users who search for something by writing the keywords you use, then your account can appear in the top position.

For example, if your business is related to cakes or sweets, then use the keyword “bakery” to be used as the display name and username of your Instagram account.

3. Write derivative keywords in Bio

The use of keywords is very important in implementing SEO optimization on Instagram. In addition to the main keywords, you also have to look for derivative keywords that are relevant to your business.

So for example the main keyword you use is bakery, then you can use derived keywords in the form of sweet foods that you sell such as “pudding”, “cup cake”, and so on.

4. Use keywords in hashtags

The use of hashtags on Instagram is very important. In fact, hashtags can be a way for users to find out about our brand.

That’s why it’s so important to prepare hashtags as well as possible as part of SEO optimization on Instagram.

Look for the hashtags that are most relevant to the image to be posted. For example, if you post a photo of a wedding cake, don’t forget to add hashtags like #weddingcake.

In addition, you can also use hashtags taken from your brand name. For example, #senjabakery or #senjabakeryfans which shows the identity of fans of your brand.

5. Use keywords in the caption

Instagram captions can also be one thing that can attract new users. That’s why the caption must be made as good as possible to make people interested in following our account.

In the Instagram SEO optimization technique, apparently we also have to use keywords in the caption. This will optimize our posts so that they can be easily found by users.

So from now on, make interesting captions and contain keywords, OK!

6. Take advantage of Instagram alt text

Alt text is one of the features of Instagram designed to help visually impaired users enjoy their experience when using this social media.

However, it turns out that this feature can also be used for SEO optimization on Instagram. Like on the website, this alt text can be filled with information that explains the contents of the image.

According to Store Domain, using alt text will help our posts rank better in the Instagram algorithm.

For those of you who want to write a description on the alt text, first make a post as usual.

However, when giving a caption, select the Advanced Settings tab at the bottom. After that, select Write Alt Text.

7. Always see the progress of your Instagram account with analytics

If you’ve tried doing the SEO optimization methods on Instagram above, don’t forget to always watch the progress with analytics.

Instagram has provided analytical features that will make it easier for you to monitor the progress of your account.

So, you can easily analyze the performance of your account which is useful for making business strategies on Instagram.

Those are some ways you can do for SEO optimization on Instagram.

You also need to remember to always avoid techniques that are illegal and break the rules. For example, by using bots, stealing content, or even buying followers.

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