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3 Steps to Used Expired Domain Names and Deleted Domains

Have ever searched your favourite search engine for “expired domain”, “domain names”, and/or “deleted domains names”? Well, if you have recently been scouring the internet for well-used domain names, then this idea may help. By following a few simple directions you will soon be on your way to the domain.

If you have a website, you need a domain so that people can visit your website online. This domain serves as an address and the website as a home. New people will be able to visit your website if they know your domain or website address. And this domain is unique, no domain name is exactly the same. You must always renew domain ownership so that it does not become an expired domain.

What is Expired Domain?

This domain or website address has an expiration date. Domain owners must periodically renew ownership of this domain so that your domain does not expire or become an expired domain.

What happens if a domain becomes expired or expired? The website becomes inaccessible, even worse, the domain will be deleted automatically.

Expired domains are all domain names that are not renewed before their expiration. Unlike a new domain, this expired domain already has an owner, so in some cases, you need to buy an expired domain through an auction held by a REGISTRAR.

Even so, there are some people who buy expired domains because they think by buying expired domains they don’t need to build domain popularity from scratch. However, is buying this expired domain really profitable?

Like used goods, expired domains also leave traces of their old owners. Some of the traces left by the old owner can be utilized by the new owner who bought it. However, not all traces left by the old owner can be used, even some can be detrimental to the new owner.

Name reseller success.

Step 1: Start a free general website directory in order to accept free link submissions manual or automated. You can get to free or open-source website directory script at script directories such as,, or ask members of forums to help you find the best and most webmaster friendly directory script.

Step 2: Be prepared to receive lots of junk sites new and old. The junk sites will soon be to your most advantage because the webmaster will soon give up on the site.

Step 3: Every week or month run the validate feature that your website links directory script comes along with. You’ll be surprised how many of the junk sites you accept in your directory have been expired or no longer running and will soon be an expired domain name. Remember, the domain name of that expired site is what we’re interested in. The webmaster that owned the promoted and we’re assuming that the webmaster’s site will soon gain a Google page rank of 1 or better. Therefore, one site owner’s trash will be a domain name reseller’s internet treasure.

The more popular that your free general website links directory is, the more junk website submissions you’ll receive, and the better your chances at expired domain name reseller success will be. If you follow the above steps, you can’t go wrong. Domain names expire on a daily basis and many webmasters chasing the dream of owning a profitable website will fail. Be there for the opportunities that will open up in reselling domain names. Good luck with your new domain name buying and selling business.

What can be used from expired domains? Here are some of them:

Expired Domain Advantages

Some Expired Domains Have High Website Rank

Some expired domains have high website rankings so new owners don’t have to bother to promote the domain from the start. Usually, large companies or organizations have high website rankings.

Buying expired domains can be said to be successful only when you can find expired domains with high website rankings. Buying an expired domain with a mediocre website ranking will not give you much benefit.

Remember! Not all expired domains have high website rankings.

Some Expired Domains Have Good Back Links

When you buy an expired domain, automatically the backlink that the previous owner has built also belongs to you. You only need to add or modify an existing backlink.

This will be easy when the backlink built by the previous owner is a quality backlink. It must be noted that many backlinks do not guarantee good quality. Backlinks are not quality does not bring much benefit to you, it can even lower your ranking.

Avoid Google Penalty

Simply put, the new owner simply reuses a domain that has been in the Google index for a long time. Therefore, new owners can avoid being suspected of using illegal promotional techniques that can cause website rankings to drop.

Although expired domains have traces that can be exploited, the use of expired domains can be said to be limited. You can only reap the benefits of expired domains only from expired domains that have a good track record in terms of traffic, website ranking, and backlinks.

Caution is needed in choosing an expired domain if you want to buy it. Not all expired domains can be used because basically, expired domains have no value unless they have the above criteria. In addition to the benefits previously mentioned, you also need to consider the risks of purchasing an expired domain.

Disadvantages of Expired Domains

Domain Names Ever Penalized by Google

Some websites sometimes do spam and other illegal things to increase their website ranking. As a result, Google removes the website from its index so that it will not appear in search results.

While the new domain owner can petition Google to get the domain back in the index, doing so will be a pain in the ass. Don’t let buying an expired domain be a hassle for you.

In addition, there are not many reliable ways to find out if an expired domain has been penalized by Google or not.

Keep in mind, you need a lot of time to make sure an expired domain doesn’t take illegal actions to get a high ranking website.

Invalid Alexa Rank

Alexa ranking of expired domains may be invalid. If you find an expired domain with an invalid Alexa ranking, chances are that when the domain is reactivated it will lead to a worse value when reset. Instead of benefiting from expired domains, buying expired domains will cost you money.

Domain Popularity Doesn’t Come Back

The popularity of expired domains is also reset in most of the search engines. Ideally, after the expired domain is reactivated, its popularity will return within a month or two. However, there is a possibility that its popularity will not return to what it was before its expiration date.

And you can only check the possible popularity of the domain you purchased when you reactivate it. So before buying you cannot confirm whether the popularity of the expired domain will return to its original state or not.

Low-Quality Back Links

The reason you buy an expired domain is probably because of the backlink. However, you need to carefully check whether the domain backlink really comes from the original website or not.

There are some websites that cheat by using link farms to get backlinks. Backlinks from this link farm are still considered backlinks, but the backlinks are still not of high quality.

A lot of backlinks, but the low quality will not have much effect on traffic. While the backlinks are few, but quality can increase traffic.

Previous Domain Owners Used It for Unhealthy Business

One of the reasons to buy expired domains is to get instant traffic. However, you also need to pay attention to the track record of the previous owner. If the previous owner had a bad track record, there’s a good chance that you too will be affected.

You need to make sure what content the previous owner posted. Whether the previous owner used the domain for crimes and criminal acts or not.

You also need to make sure that the previous domain owner is not spreading hate speech and similar content. This is important because of the reputation of the previous domain you will carry with you when you buy it.


After reading the advantages and disadvantages of expired domains, you must be wondering is it safe to buy the domain?

From the explanation above, it can be seen that the risks brought by expired domains are more than the benefits. In addition, it takes high accuracy to check the track record of expired domains.

Checking the track record of an expired domain also takes a lot of time. It could be that the time spent checking the track record of expired domains can be used to build the popularity of new domains.

In some cases, buying expired domains is like buying a cat in a sack. There are parts of expired domains that are difficult for us to confirm before purchasing. The parts that cannot be confirmed for safety may be detrimental to you in the future.

It must be remembered that you must apply the principles of effectiveness and efficiency when you want to build a quality domain. Effective is when you succeed in achieving the goals you have set. Efficiency is a measure of success that is assessed in terms of the number of resources and costs to achieve the goals set.

Maybe you can indeed achieve your goal, which is to have a domain with good popularity, by buying an expired domain. However, if the process required to purchase an expired domain is too long, your business will become inefficient.

You need to spend time and money to ensure the track record of the expired domain that you are going to buy. Not to mention you have to include X factors that are not visible in the process of buying an expired domain.

Therefore, we suggest it is better to buy a new cheap domain. You do need to work hard to build reputation, popularity, website ranking, and backlinks from the start.

However, this step of buying a new domain is much safer and more efficient than buying an expired domain. You don’t have to deal with the track record of the old domain owner.

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