Domain Authority

Know the Understanding and How to Increase Domain Authority

Ever heard of the term Domain Authority? For those of you who are used to dealing with Search Engine Optimization or SEO, this term is certainly familiar. For those of you who do not know, Domain Authority or DA for short is a measure that indicates the level of trust in a site. This metric can be increased through further ways of upgrading the Domain Authority to be discussed in this article.

Creating backlinks from Instagram is one way to improve the website’s Authority Domain, and we’ve written down how to create a blog on Instagram for you.

To keep you from getting confused, here’s a further discussion of Domain Authority and how to increase the number of DA on a site.

Definition of Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a metric website, which is a measure of the trust of a site developed by Moz. Such sizes can be based on search engines and users. The greater the DA value of a site, the higher the level of user trust in the site.

The value of this DA is important for the sustainability of a site because it is directly related to SEO. The high value of DA is not only a testament to the level of user trust on the site but also affects the page rank in search engines such as Google.

Not a few SEO experts say that Google also uses this Domain Authority value in determining page rank on its site pages.

This opinion is not without reason, because usually sites that have a high DA value are on the first page and are in the top position of search engines. In other words, the first page of search engines is definitely dominated by sites with high DA.

Thus, sites that have a high DA score will get a very positive impact because being on the first page is even at the top of the search engine the site will be more likely to get more visitors or clicks.

So, the sites you manage will get more visitors than other sites that have lower DA values.

How to Upgrade Domain Authority

If the site you manage hasn’t got a high number of DA’s, you don’t have to worry. There’s a way to increase the Domain Authority that you can do to make the number of DA’s on your site higher than ever before. How?

1. Create Hig Quality Content

First, you need to create quality content for your site. Create content regularly, neatly, and informatively. If you create bad content your site visitors will certainly feel disappointed because they don’t get the information they need.

2. Promote Content You’ve Created

Quality content also needs to be promoted. You can promote by sharing your site’s content through social media, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Don’t forget to create interesting promotional materials to attract visitors. The more people who see the promotion of the content, the more potential clicks.

3. Apply the Right SEO Techniques

The third way to improve domain authority is to apply the right SEO techniques. If you’re not yet fully familiar with SEO, you should take this technique more seriously. Because this SEO can be said to be the basis of how to increase the number of these DA.

If you have mastered SEO techniques well, you can do research related to the best SEO techniques that match the sites you manage. Thus, your ultimate goal will be achieved.

4. Branding

Why branding can be said to be an important milestone in improving domain authority, because when in the minds of your target market your business has embedded everything related to your brand, then inevitably, or dislike, surely they associate it about your business website. In short, the right branding strategy can help expose your website’s content, to be accessible to a wider market share or audience, thus creating more powerful backlinks.

5. Create Multiple Backlinks On Each Content

Now we’ve touched on what has a very direct and significant impact on domain authority. One way to increase the domain authority is to create a lot of backlinks in every content contained in the website that we have, but what needs to be underlined is, the backlinks that we enter, must be natural, without intending to trick search engines or spamming, because if manipulating search engines, it can be certain that the domain authority will never get.

You can create free backlinks from several available sites and we have summarized in the list of free backlink sites from high integrity domains.

6. Build Strong Internal Links

Internal links are strong, creating a strong network between users and search engines, so it will ultimately impact the ranking and traffic of your website. Sites that have strong internal links, will have strong interconnections anyway, so the website will be unbreakable. By creating a lot of content, it will automatically create internal links that can be linked to any content we create.

7. Implement SEO Onpage

Many varieties of SEO Onpage can be applied, ranging from techniques of creating content, placing keywords, creating friendly txt robots and creating meta tags on blog templates. The more often your blog is visited by search engines, can be certain that your website is liked by the search engine, and the domain authority will flow up significantly.

8. Establish Strong Relationships

Why can strengthen relationships between website owners affect domain authority? Because, if the owner of the website links the link contained in your website, it will indirectly increase the domain authority. Simply put, good relationships are directly proportional to the increase in domain authority.

9. Routine Cleaning Toxic Links

It is not easy to regularly and continuously clean spam-indicated links and adversely affect our website, but it is very important to increase the domain authority of our website.

10. Be Consistent and Patient

All of the ways outlined above depend heavily on our level of consistency. It is necessary to implement a regular, periodic and continuous schedule in carrying out the above methods. The thing that is rarely noticed in any discussion about domain authority is, it is related to the age of a domain. The longer the domain age of the website, it does not automatically increase the domain authority of the website.

Other things determine, such as the frequent or improved website or website, outdated SEO techniques, poor link profiles, and lack of fresh and quality content. Along with maintained consistency, then along with the increase of your website domain authority. Be patient, because SEO does not show results overnight, it takes a long journey before you finally pick a very sweet thing.


So much discussion about what is Domain Authority and how to improve Domain Authority. In essence, increasing the Domain Authority should return to basics, namely by optimizing the quality of content. Because both DA, SEO, and PageRank are all related to each other.

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