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Download Whatsapp Lite anti Banned

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Whatsapp Lite – Whatsapp users can now find various types of third-party Whatsapp applications such as Whatsapp Lite, Whatsapp Mod and others.

Of course, if you use an application like Whatsapp Lite Apk, then there will be a lot of benefits that you will get.

Where we know that the use of chat applications such as Whatsapp is indeed widely used.

Even not only in Indonesia but from various countries around the world using this application.

Whatsapp or known as WA is indeed a chat application with various advantages.

That is, you can not only do chat activities but can also take advantage of various features in it.

Starting from phone calls to video calls, you can do it via Whatsapp Lite Apk 2021.

This is also one of the supporting factors for the widely used Whatsapp Lite Clone Version application.

Because Whatsapp Lite Mod is in great demand by the public, now you can easily find this application.

There are already many sites that provide Whatsapp Lite download links for all of you to use.

You just have to look for it in the search engine and enter the WhatsApp Lite keyword then later you will see many sites that provide the application.

Because of this, will also provide complete information about the FM Whatsapp Lite application.

To find out more information about the WhatsApp Lite Apk, all of you can immediately see the following explanation.

Whatsapp Lite 2021

The Latest Whatsapp Lite Apk 2021 is one of the chat applications which is a redevelopment of the official Whatsapp application.

So indeed WA Lite is an application that is intentionally made with various additional features in it.

Because of the many additional features that make this chat application much sought after by the public.

Where all the features in the Latest WA Lite 2021 application cannot be found on the regular version of Whatsapp.

So it’s no wonder why people’s enthusiasm for the latest 2021 chat application is very high.

So it’s no wonder why people’s enthusiasm for the latest 2021 chat application is very high.

Moreover, with the application size that is not too large, it makes Whatsapp Lite even more liked.

And for those of you who are looking for this application, don’t worry because we will provide a download link for you.

To find out the download link, friends can directly see or listen to it below.

Whatsapp Lite Apk Download

Because this application is made by a third party, of course you have to download it via a special link.

This is because the Latest WA Lite 2021 is not found on the Google Play Store search engine or the like.

Usually the download link will be provided by a third party as the application developer to make it easier for prospective residents.

But now to find the download link you can easily find it on the internet.

Because there are already many sites that provide download links for Whatsapp Mod Lite.

And if you are interested in trying this one application then you can directly download the application “HERE“.

Using the link above, you can directly download or download the Latest WA Lite 2021 application.

How to Install WhatsApp Lite Apk

After the friend has successfully downloaded or downloaded the Latest WA Lite, then you can then install the application.

It’s not the same as when downloading an application through the Play Store where the application will be installed automatically.

So if you download it via a special download link, you also need a special installation method.

Where this method has several stages that you need to go through before successfully installing the application on your device.

And below are the steps that you all need to go through to install the Latest Version of Whatsapp Lite.

  • First make sure you have downloaded the “WA Lite application”.
  • Next, please go to the “Settings” of your smart cellphone.
  • Select the “Security and Security” menu followed by activating “Unknown Sources”.
  • If you have opened “File Manager” proceed by opening the “Download” folder.
  • Open the application file that you downloaded earlier, click “Install”.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete, then the application will be automatically installed.

Using the steps above, you can immediately install the Whatsapp Mod Apk application.

Featured Features of Whatsapp Lite Apk 2021

If you already know how to install this application, then you can find out the features of Whatsapp Lite.

This feature is one of the advantages of the number 1 chat application in the world, namely the WA Lite Mod Apk.

And here we have provided a list of excellent features or advantages of this one chat application.

From this list, you can get to know more about third-party applications made by WhatsApp Mod Lite.

If you are already curious about the excellent features of this application, then you can immediately see it below.

Can Enter Google Search Page

The first excellent feature that you will find on the WA Lite Apk is that you can enter the Google search page.

So when you want to try to find things on Google, then you can directly open them on the Whatsapp page.

Moreover, you are still using Whatsapp as a medium to do a task.

So for that you can more easily access Google searches only through the Whatsapp page.

This will certainly make it easier for us as users to be able to access search engines.

Play Youtube From Whatsapp

Besides being able to open Google, you can also open or play Youtube videos via the Whatsapp page.

Of course this will make it easier for you if at any time someone sends a Youtube video link.

Without the need to open the application, you can easily watch the video.

This will certainly make it easier for us as users of Whatsapp Lite 2021 for us to use.

And it’s no wonder why this third-party application has survived to this day.

Hide View Status

If you use GB Whatsapp Lite 2021 then you can freely see someone’s status.

Which is when you have managed to see the person’s status, your name will not be visible.

Because this application has features or advantages that can hide view status.

It is an advantage to be curious about the activities of someone we admire.

Which person does not know that we have been witnessing all of his activities.

Can Send Multiple Images

Being able to send multiple images is one of the many advantages that Whatsapp Lite Apk has.

If you use the regular WA application then you can only send a few pictures because it is limited.

As we know, after you have successfully submitted 30 images, you have to re-select other images to send them.

It’s different when you use the Latest Whatsapp Lite, you can directly send more than 30 images.

This is very helpful if we are in need of it in a certain situation or condition.

Hiding Online Tags

Sometimes when we use Whatsapp we don’t want to be caught that it is active or online.

For that, if you use Whatsapp Lite Clone, then you can hide the online sign.

So that other people who have your WA number cannot see that you are online.

Very profitable isn’t it? Especially when you don’t want to be disturbed by incoming messages.

For that, you can use this as a benchmark if you want to download the WA Lite Apk.

Can Send Large Files

Large files are sometimes a problem or obstacle that we often feel.

Where when we want to send a large file via official Whatsapp, we often have problems.

But you won’t find this if you use the Latest WHatsapp Lite 2021 application.

Because the application is equipped with features or advantages that can send large files.

So for those of you who have interests and often send files, you can download Whatsapp Lite.

Anti Delete Message

The next excellent feature or advantage that you will encounter when using WA Lite is an anti-delete message.

Whoever your friend sends a message and then the message is withdrawn, then your WA is still there.

Of course, this will not make us feel curious when someone withdraws a message.

Because it is undeniable that if someone sends a message and then deletes it, it will make you curious.

So it is very profitable if you use the Whatsapp Lite Mod Apk to replace the official version of WA.

Can Download Other People’s WA Status

The last advantage in this application is that you can download other people’s statuses.

Which is indeed sometimes the contents of other people’s WA status make us want to share it again.

For that, if you use Whatsapp Lite Mod Apk then you can download it directly.

There are many benefits and advantages of this application if you use WA Lite Mod.

And therefore immediately download this application and feel for yourself the advantages and benefits of the application.

Is WA Lite Safe to Use?

For the question whether Whatsapp Lite is safe to use then the answer is not completely safe.

Which we know that this application is a third-party application that has been modified.

So for security, no party will guarantee this application.

So before you decide to use Whatsapp Lite Apk, make sure you are ready for the impacts and risks.

And if you have downloaded it, you still have to be careful and alert to always pay attention to the notifications.


The use of Whatsapp Lite does have many advantages but as users we must be careful.

And hopefully from what we have conveyed through the explanation of today’s article, it can give you a little information.

For that, maybe we will just meet today, see you in the next article, thank you.